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For most of the beginning of the 20th century, blackjack just a fun game with great odds and a chance to win good money if lady luck smiled upon one. But from the 1950s came the game under control of the mathematicians who discovered the great influence it had either to stand or buy, with great profit to follow.

Especially Roger Baldwin paved the way in this area with the publication of his article "The Optimum Strategy of Blackjack". This 10'sidede article presented in depth mathematical analysis, which demonstrated how "proper" game could reduce the house advantage. It is this discovery laid the foundation for perfect strategy and various blackjack play charts available everywhere, both on and offline around the world.

Another successful team was founded at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). MIT blackjack group quickly discovered that the casinos quickly spotted a card counter, as kortællere increases their bet when short stack is to their advantage. But this group worked as a team, the casino did not know.

A player should constantly bet low, but also had to count cards. Through smart signals to another player who gambled high, get to the table when the cards were in the team's favor. When the team did not use any electronic devices without their knowledge, there was not much casinos could do to detect the maneuver, and this group gained even millions of dollars. But once the casinos had discovered how this group operated, they were quickly banned from almost every casino in the world.