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Roulette is not in so many different varieties. That is the simple game concept that makes it simply is not so many parameters to screw on. Actually there are only two types of roulette, namely the roulette, but each of these two models are also available in various forms.

In roulette has two zeros. This means that the house edge is automatically doubled and that the expected value per spin decreases (approximately 94.8 percent). In roulette is a game option you should never choose, namely "top line".

Top line is a bet on the numbers 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3. Here, the casino an even greater advantage. Your expected repayment decreases from 94.8 percent to about 92.1 percent. Note also that the advantage you can get some game options in roulette usually does not apply to American roulette. Learn more about American roulette

Roulette with racetrack are both roulette as roulette. It is again the difference in the game concept, but as a player, you have a variety of smart game options to choose from, which can simplify your game and make sure you have time to play more games played in less time.

Mini roulette is just what it sounds like. It is simply a simplified version of roulette. There are only 13 numbers in the roulette wheel and you have limited gaming options.

It is much quicker to play a game round mini-roulette than real roulette. However, there is one major problem with mini roulette and there is the risk that the ball lands on zero is almost 8 percent rather than 3 percent in French / European roulette.