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On the Web and at Casino Cosmopolite you will find several different versions of the classic table game Blackjack. A few variants called, Blackjack Switch, Blackjack Surrender and Single Deck. The selection of Blackjack games vary from casino to casino, which can differ a lot.

Many online casinos now offer Live Blackjack, where you play against a live dealer. As a new player, we recommend you to try you around. Please try in a place where it is free to play. Demos of Blackjack games are available at most online casinos. Once you begin to understand how blackjack works, you just have to start playing with real money.

A lot of sites offer great welcome bonuses and even no deposits, i.e. money without deposit. Check around on our reviews and make up your own mind about what you think is best. We can heartily recommend the ones we have that top 10, but also a lot of other sites!

Blackjack has emerged in Europe in the eighteenth century. It was then known as "21" or "railway". This game is then exported to the United States thanks to the successive waves of migration. It is in that takes its current name "Blackjack" because of a bonus which was then given to players who have a blackjack with a jack of spades. This bonus does not exist today, but the name stuck.

The rules are quite simple since you need as close score of 21 without going over. If you're 21, you have blackjack and you certainly won. If you are over 21, you have certainly lost If you are under 21, you win if you beat the dealer. Value cards: 10 face cards the ace is worth 1 or 11 other cards have their numerical value.

The dealer's cards are dealt one at a time and you decide if you want a new card or not, to get 21. Each player takes a turn and the dealer acts last. The dealer can not arrester before a score of 17.