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In 90 - balls spilled extracted several numbers (surprise! up to 90 J) In this game, the cards are rectangular. A player's numbers are split over 3 lines with 5 numbers in each line. The game runs like 75 bullets game. But in this game gains will be divided into 3 A prize to the first complete 1 line, a prize for the one who cots 2 lines and a prize to the first has 3 lines (full map). A player can win more than one prize in the game you are lucky, you can win all 3 prizes. As at 75 balls game has more than one player bingo, shared gain.

These are approx. all bingo involved. There are technical details of online bingo that you can SATE themselves in. Among other things, the most important of all - Auto Dauber - this wonderful tool to check the numbers for you online.

It can go so fast that it's hard to keep up. Then comes the little details like purchases of future card, the color of deuteron, the gender of the caller (the caller) and a very important and great detail as to follow the chat, here namely won small gains around the clock, and then just Auto Dauber 'a very handy. There may be differences on the exportation of the game different places, some are very focused on glamour, but the game is still the same!

Probably the biggest difference and halt certainly something that is a good argument that online bingo is best, is the ease of getting to play these games. As with all other land-based casino game you need to leave your home and drive to a casino.

There are not many of them in Denmark. This should not like online play, you can be in the process of playing within minutes. There is no dress code or to have money ready to play with - you as a player is ready immediately in your own home, perhaps in the pajamas, you just have your credit card ready or online account. Online bingo is playable 24/7, 365 days a year, as opposed to real halls with regular opening hours.