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Please remember - you must follow the links and use the bonus codes on our review pages to get the exclusive bonus offers. If you have not tried to host a poker bonus before, so we recommend you to continue reading below where we explain how bonuses are structured and how you perform the requirements to get the money paid .

A bonus of a poker site is a good reason to get started, then you can earn a good buck on it, and it is also fun. As a new player it can be a little confusing to familiarize themselves with the various bonus offers and you will certainly have a few questions. We try here to answer some of the most common.

Poker rooms make their money by taking a small percentage of each pot in cash games as well as a small fee to participate in poker tournaments. This is also called rake. The more players , the more rake earns the room, a poker hand is interested in getting customers in, which will hopefully play for a long time .

Since there is great competition between poker sites , they offer great bonuses for new customers. At the same time build new customers faster a bankroll when they received a bonus , and thus they also play anymore.

This is the most common form of poker bonus offers, also called a deposit bonus. Here the poker site in and match your deposit up to a certain amount. If you for example . deposit $ 100, you get $ 100 extra. Most poker sites will match your deposit by 100 % up to a certain amount. There may also be a minimum amount that you must pay to get matched its deposits. Note that most match bonuses you do not get paid right away, when you have paid . One must often have played a certain number of hands or earned a certain number of points before the bonus is released .