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Video Poker is played much the same as a hand of poker, with the exception of opponents. A player is not a competitor to beat , rather they must complete a hand that rank high enough to win a prize. The player must first wager , usually between 1 and 5 coins , 5 coins are the highest effort. Video Poker machine will be marked as the face value of each coin is entered. Video poker is a classic online casino games.

Note that by selecting the " Bet Max" , the player will usually get a higher payout percentage for a victory than by betting a small amount of coins per hand. See Video Poker pay table for this information before you begin playing .

When there has been progress , press play on Deal. This will give a hand of 5 cards . There will be a Discard button under each appears briefly. For some cards the player does not want to keep , they will press the discard button just below the map . Make sure you do not confuse this button with a team option as the selected map will be lost. Once you have selected which cards to discard , you press the button Draw. This will share the new card instead of your chosen card . It is the player's final hand. If a winning combination is displayed , the player will win - if not , the player has lost.

The payout table , located directly on the machine will show exactly how much a player can win for each combination. In most cases (as mentioned above ) , select "Bet Max " will give the highest payout rate.

For example, if a Royal Flush pays 2,000 x for a contribution of 1 to 4 coins , it pays 2500x for a maximum bet of 5 coins. To get the most out of this if you want to spend $ 1 to $ 2 per hand , do not choose a $ 1 Video Poker. Rather than choosing a $ 0.25 Video Poker games and bet the maximum $ 1.25 per hand.