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This poker game is a variation of a normal poker game played at a table the size of a blackjack table. Players start the game by putting a bet, also called Ante bet. Each player and the dealer are then assigned to each of their five card poker hand.

One of the dealer's cards shown face up, the other four are face down. Next, players decide whether to stay in the game or fold. Do you throw the cards, you lose your ante bet. If you are inside the game, you tailbone yet a bet of double your ante bet that you interjected before you were dealt cards.

If we assume that at least one player gets in the game, then the dealer's hand is shown. Have dealer not least an ace or king, the game straight up, and the first bets are returned. Have the dealer at least Ace / King, qualified his hand. If it does and one player has a higher hand, the player wins even on the ante and the added bet wins compared to the pay table below. Turns out the dealer's hand the player, the player loses both the ante and raise bet.

In Caribbean Stud Poker the player must be in the game (raise his bet) if he has a pair or more. They should also consider increasing his bet they have Ace / King in the following circumstances: Here are a few tips on where to raise on ace / king who fits in almost any situation.

Your eyes play a significant role to indicate a "tell" to your opponent. Unlike online poker, it is important to make sure you look at the table to avoid looking at your opponents and give them information about your hand. Often when you turn your gaze to the table game is an indication of a weak hand, so that when you look at your opponents right in the eye, they may feel that you have a strong hand.