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Pai Gow is a game which is not as usual as other casino game . But in recent years it is seen more and more often . Several online casinos have Pai Gow poker. If you have always wanted to try Pai Gow , then you have a good opportunity online.

Pai Gow Poker is actually just the Asian tile game Pai Gow , like poker . The cube to use in a live Pai Gow game , should not be used online. Here it is only you against the computer . The rules for online Pai Gow Poker is quite simple . If you can play poker, then you can also play Pai Gow Poker. The dealer and you will each receive seven cards. You must now use these seven cards to make two poker hands. It must be the best poker hand of five cards and the best poker hand with two cards.

Your best poker hand with two cards are a pair of aces , followed by the other couples and so high cards . There are no straights or flushes with two cards. Your best five-card hand follow the rules of regular poker . An exception is a wheel , A 2 3 4 5, which is seen as an ace high staight . It can only be beaten by an ace king straight or a better hand , as a full house or a flush.

Online Pai Gow has a semi -wild joker. Online Pai Gow Poker also has a " bug" . A bug is a joker , which is wild in a limited way. It can be used to complete a staight or flush, or as an ace . But you can not use a wildcard with a king, to make a pair of kings.

Meter is to win both hands against the dealer's hands. If you only win one, so it's a push and no one wins. If you lose both hands , the winner is the house your bet. If you win , you get even money but have to pay 5 % commission . This is where the house gets its advantage.