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Bingo is a very popular game around the world but particularly in and the United States. But while playing clean looking at the coated bullets and trying to machete them with their cards, fans still find the game confusing. Therefore, we at together a little guide to this popular game with random coated bullets.

Bingo game has its origins dating back to 1500 century Italy and the basics of the game has not changed much since then. That being said, the game has evolved a little differently on each side of the Atlantic - is played with 75 balls in and 90 bullets are more common. We look at both games in this article.

First we will review the basics of the game. A player participating in a game by purchasing a bingo card, as in the real world is printed on a piece of paper and contains numbers pretended within a certain number. A min. purchase of a card is the requirement in some bingo rooms can also be a maximum number of cards that can be purchased per. game.

The other players do the same when all the money has been collected from short sales, they go into a false pool. Bingo site that controls the game takes a share of the pie, the rest is played for. The way pot is split up depends on whether it is a 75 - or 90 ball games. The game starts and the caller pulls random bullets from a machine or a bag. As numbers are pulled ticks player these on the board (in English daubing on Dane cots) and the first player to have covered a selected pattern or the entire disc is the winner.

In 75-ball game, the cards are printed with numbers from 1-75 and are square. But not all numbers on the card, which octet is 5x5 numbers, in the game. A pattern selected before the start of the game (egg, a star, a cross, a diamond etc etc) and the player must now play by completing this pattern on his bingo card. There are only a win in this game - the first having checked winner, there are several that have bingo at the same time, the pot is split.