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A Wallet is a kind of internet bank account that you can use to move money around the internet. Some of the largest and most secure is Kneeler and Skill / Money bookers, as virtually all online casinos accept as payment method now a days. Behind these wallets are large multinational financial groups that are financially stable and it gives you the optimal monetary security, should you be worried about your money now are safe here. If you deposit via a Wallet such as Kneeler or Skill / Money bookers is money immediately to your casino account and you can also withdraw your winnings the same way when you've won.

When you want to withdraw money and winnings from your casino account, simply log into your account on the casino's website and go to "cashier" and choose payment. You can withdraw your winnings at any time, but if you have a bonus running, so remember to check before you raise, whether it affects your bonus if you withdraw money from your account while you play bonus free.

There are usually no fees associated with depositing money from your casino account to your bank account. To combat money laundering, there is a legal requirement that you have to pay money via the same channel as you put money in with. Have you for example. put money in with your VISA card, all payments generally also happen to your VISA card.

When you play online casino with a provider with a Danish license, you must log in with your Named. This is a requirement of the Gambling Authority. It can be a bit annoying for many, but it is worth remembering that Named gives you the most optimal monetary security at all on the web.

To anyone but yourself can access an account that is protected with Named login required: they have access to both your password, username, and your physical Named code card. It goes without saying that it is virtually impossible for a dishonest soul to get access to all three, and therefore we see as no longer matters where online casino players log in to an empty casino account. And fortunately for that.