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So, poker is really a sport or Russia she simply made a mistake Consider the evidence. Assuming that sport can be defined as competitive activity that requires training and skills, so most poker players would say that the training is a fundamental component of their art, and that although poker is generally classified as a game of chance, it requires a certain level of competence to evaluate scenarios that could develop from the hands of your opponents.

There are many poker players who have studied dedicated their game to a doctoral level ( if such a classification existed) and have been banned from several major casinos because they are perceived as overqualified and therefore a threat to the coffers. Although poker players do not run around the table so athletic, or hit their cards over the net or into holes, they are often forced to concentrate for long hours while maintaining an acute mental agility. And what about the other popular way to define a sport.

The SWOOP in Las Vegas for several years, is an event not to be missed on the timing of any serious poker player, with a level of professionalism not envy any other sporting event. There is also the WEPT, a televised event that attracts elite poker and takes into account every poker largest market in the world. With tours in Latin America and Asia Poker Tours now also on the tour, interest in the game can only continue to grow again. Sports are governed by specific rules and clearly defined. The same goes for poker. Sports federations and have codes of conduct. The same goes for poker - the World Poker Association was launched in 2005. All sports have their stars. Phil Helmut, Joe Sachem, Chris Moneymaker and Annie Duke are admired by all professional poker players in the same way that Roger Feeder for tennis and football Zonetime Sedan. Professional sports are business partners who are fighting for the sponsor financially. Jeffrey Pollack, Commissioner of the SWOOP, refuses sponsors to maintain its exclusive brand and create a "Wimbledon of Poker."