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The gaming market can be divided into two types. The remote gaming (internet, mobile, interactive television) and the game close (PUMP bars, casinos, cruises, private events). In the case of poker, a majority of players play in private (home) more in the casinos.

In general, a good poker player can make a lot more money from private and public games (club or casino) by simply avoiding the percentage of the casino or "rake". The online game is now considered one of the largest internet shops worldwide. Besides sports paris, benefiting fully from this new form of commerce and was largely driving the online game , other sectors such as casino games , the poker , bingo and lotteries were then developed.

There are three main types of poker played around the world - community, and draw stud. Community Games: 1. The Texas Hold'em 2. The Omaha Hold'em Games draw: 1. Draw Poker 2. Lowball stud games: 1. 7-Card Stud 2. 5-Card Stud 3.

The top poker hand is a Royal Flush , which is a suite consisting of ace-king-Queen-Jack-10 of the same color. The odds of drawing a Royal Flush in a regular deck of 52 cards are 650 000 against 1. Poker is a game that combines all the skill, luck and fortune. It is a strategic game , psychology and address.

Poker tournaments require a commitment on the part of the players in terms of time and money invested. The most prestigious poker tournaments are televised worldwide. The attractiveness of a poker tournament is that anyone can pay the "entrance fee" (an amount often from $ 5,000 to $ 25,000) or win a "satellite" tournament is able to compete with the best players professionals in the world and other showbiz celebrities .