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Despite the long history, it was only in 1920s that bingo game as we know it today was developed. It has been told that Edwin Lowe was visiting a travel fair in 1929 Atlanta and saw that people were obsessed with the game "Beano" - the purpose of the game was to match random numbers drawn on a pre-printed cards. Edwin took the game to New York and while they played was one of Edwin's friends so excited that she completely gratuitous shouting "BINGO", the game.

Part of the negative image of bingo comes from the fact that the game had to be slow and boring . In fact, bingo is an action packed game that requires a brain and concentration, especially if the player himself cots its numbers. In fact, in Germany were played often played in classrooms to improve mental dexterity and hand-eye co-ordination.

Also in our modern world, people have become more open to try things they otherwise had sworn never to do. Especially men are starting to enjoy bingo game look as an alternative to sports events and to hang in a bar. Young people have also discovered that in addition to being a fun game, bingo is a great way to socialize with other facts in a friendly atmosphere where there is conversation and inter-action.

Bingo is certainly developed as the Internet. Historically , the Internet has attracted young people, tech geeks etc etc. But now that the internet is almost standard in every home, the world of online gambling opened up a massive amount by different people.

Therefore, gambling sites also their visitors made ​​up of many players from different places in life and thanks to developments in chat rooms (often integrated into bingo software), are new members immediately a part of this unity.