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Thereafter, the player has the choice between pressing "hit "which means get a new card, or" stay ", which means he does not want additional card. Then, the dealer will reveal his card undiscovered. If the value of the player's hand is higher than the dealer's, the player wins. Neither side, dealer as a player is allowed to exceed a value of 21.

Anyone who exceeds this value instantly loses the game. Receive cards whose total value added is 21 done immediately win the game. Blackjack Switch The Switch Blackjack is a relatively new variant of blackjack and was invented and patented in 2009. This game is based on the classic blackjack but here the player is dealt two hands of two cards instead of one hand.

In a normal game of blackjack switch, the dealer will firstly give two discoveries player cards. Each card belongs to a different hand. Then the dealer gives one card to himself, then adds two discoveries player cards.

Finally, the dealer deals a card face down. Now, the player will have the opportunity to exchange their best cards. For example: The player has received 9-8 and 2-4. - Blackjack Switch, the player can transform his hands 9-4 and 3-8. After these steps have been completed, the game continues in accordance with the rules of the classic blackjack.

Having the ability insurance is just another bet when the dealer shows an ace. But you ask a blackjack dealer, he will probably tell you otherwise. But with normal card distribution and a payout of 2:1, you have 8% chance against you. Put another way, it is not a good bet. But have you paid close attention to whether the remaining short stack would contain half as many small short as 10s insurance, be a good bet. Do you remember the classic movie Rain Man, where Dustin Hoffman could count cards. If you're not as good as him, you should not use the insurance option.