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This will usually get offered when you've played for a while in the poker room . It is simply a reward for deposit more money into your account . There will also be a match of your deposit , but rarely as large as the welcome bonus. Here it may also be the case that you do not get the money right away and only have to play a certain number of hands.

These are rare, but some will give you a bonus , you just register . Money will be added directly to your poker account , without having to make deposits . Also known as the "Refer -a-friend " on some pages and describes it very well.

Here recommend you have a friend to play at the poker site , and then you get a bonus in return ( sometimes you get your friend even a bonus on top of the welcome bonus ). The bonus is typically $ 25 or $ 50 and depends on how many hands your friend plays in space.

Unfortunately it's not that you just can withdraw the bonus as soon as you signed up and paid money. So nice , poker rooms do not .

To receive the money in your account , it is a requirement that you have to play a certain number of hands, or you must obtain a certain number of points . The scores are typically based on how much rake you have paid.

The bonuses are often paid in installments ( typically $ 10 increments ), but it also happens that they are paid a large sum when you reach a certain number of points. For example, you get at Poker Stars paid $ 10, every time you reach 170 APP points. These points are calculated on the basis of some special formulas that you can read about on the Poker Stars website.