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Progressive Bingo Explained

Bingo is great fun, and a widely enjoyed social pastime. Many describe Bingo as being a game where the focus is firstly on the social experience, and secondly on winning money. Progressive Bingo is changing the entire dynamic of this popular opinion. With any unclaimed moneys in the jackpot kitty now being carried forward to subsequent games, players are in the running to strike it rich – and still have a lot of social fun while doing so.

The basics of a game of Progressive Jackpot Bingo are similar to that of a traditional one. During a standard game of Bingo, numbers will be called and ticked off on Bingo cards until such time as a player reaches Bingo. With a progressive game, a limited number of numbers are called. In the event that no players reach Bingo during the particular round, the jackpot stands over to the next game, becoming increasingly larger as it gets carried over.

Focus Is Key

It is vital to pay attention to the cards and numbers during any game of Bingo. It is absolutely crucial to stay focused during a game of Progressive Bingo. It is not uncommon for a player to completely miss the fact that he or she has reached Bingo, and forfeit winnings in this way. Once the game has ended and the jackpot amount carried forward to the next game, there is no going back to claim any prize forfeited due to a lack of concentration.

Other Considerations

Progressive Bingo tickets (or rounds, in online lingo) are generally slightly more expensive than playing a regular Bingo round. This is as a result of game organisers having to make provision for a certain percentage of all ticket sales to be added to the progressive jackpot kitty. This does increase the size of the jackpot exponentially – a huge advantage for the lucky winner.

As a result of this the risk/reward ratio must be calculated and considered when playing Progressive Bingo. The cost of a ticket / online round must still justify the eventual possible payout. At an NZD Casino you’ll generally find a variety of ticket price options and can choose the games that suit your bankroll.

On the other hand, players will also come across incredibly cheap tickets and rounds. The player looking for a sizeable win may want to avoid cheap games of Progressive Bingo, as this will in turn have the effect that the jackpot will be so much smaller.

Tricks And Tips

Over the years, players have formulated many a tip and trick in order to try and beat the odds. Some of these have sound mathematical theory behind them – others are based purely on personal preference and, in some cases, even superstitious belief. At the end of the day, Bingo is a game of chance and as such, anything can happen.

The main aim of playing a game of Bingo – whether at a Bingo hall or online - should always be to have fun, even when gunning for that big jackpot. Whether you believe in choosing your numbers wisely or letting the chips fall where they may, Progressive Bingo is the game for you.