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Progressive Bingo Explained for Online Players

A progressive jackpot is one which is constantly accumulating, or progressing, each time the game is played, and these prizes are most commonly found attached to slots machines and video poker games. They are more recently becoming a hallmark for bingo games too, however, and players are enjoying enormous prizes thanks to their increased availability.

How Progressive Jackpot Bingo Works

Bingo games which feature progressive jackpots are connected, which means that each and every bet that is placed adds to the prize pool. The more players taking part, the quicker the growth of this prize and, thanks to how many players are opting for online bingo games these days, the totals very quickly reach extraordinary heights. The house generally adds some of the profit which they see from the games as well, and, again thanks to the sheer volume of players, this amount is generally quite significant also.

How the Progressive Jackpot is Won

The progressive jackpot will be taken by the player who makes the best combination with the highest payout possible. This would be a Royal Flush in poker, the most valuable symbols in a slots game, or managing to make up a predetermined pattern when it comes to bingo games. Generally, players will need to have wagered the maximum bet possible for the game in question as well in order to be eligible for the top prize.

Keeping Your Eye on the Prize

When you start enjoying progressive bingo games at a Canadian online casino you will be able to view the value of the prize by means of the meter. It is worth taking note of when the top prize pays out, and checking to see if there is any kind of pattern, since this will help you in your own quest to get your hands on one of these truly life-changing wins.

There are many progressive bingo games available for players from this country, featuring both 75- and 90-ball games, all of which you will be able to find details on right here.

The Enjoyment of Online Bingo Play

Once you start playing bingo games online, you will find the layouts for the sites very visually satisfying. They are jam-packed with traditional bingo game options, as well as more recent variations aimed at both old-hands and those players who are finding their feet for the first time.

If you stick to the sites that come highly recommended, you will be able to easily navigate your way around the virtual bingo room, with all the information you require laid out in a user-friendly fashion for your convenience. Quickly locate the game variation you are looking for, find out about the progressive jackpot prize totals, and discover the world of promotions that boost your bankroll before you even begin.

The safety and security of the sites we promote is state-of-the-art, so you need not fear for the protection of your online identity –you can simply get to work making that progressive jackpot prize your own!